WOD: 5-22-12

Get some!!! (please pretend this looks right)

Strengh:  500M Row for time

WOD:  7 rounds for total time:

7 Deadlifts (275/185)
10 Toes-to-Bar
1 min rest


Another 500M Row for time!  If you didn’t have the pleasure of enjoying this the first time, then this should be a nice treat.  Unfortunately Rowing is one of those things that you can always keep doing.  Even if you are fatigued and finishing the WOD with rowing, you can sit on that seat and move.  So whatever you do on that timed 500, just make sure you keep moving.  It’ll make sense when you are done.  Fastest times were 1:26.1 (boys) and 1:40.5 (girls)…yawn.

Deadlifts and T2B are a classic combination.  One opens the body and then other closes it and if you need to be told which is which, then you need to come to the gym more often.  If you noticed that the numbers listed up there are a 2/1 followed by a 75/85, then you know that this is heavy.  Is it doable?  Think of your Clean Pulls…can you be explosive at 225…255?  Looking like Smeagel from Lord of the Rings is not the look you are going for today…or ever.

Even verizon knows it’s a bad idea,



Do it




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